IBM Student Research Projects is competition for students organized by IBM. The competition is run in cooperation with the Czech Technical University (CVUT).

The participating parts on the CVUT are Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction and Faculty of Information Technology. The technical contact at the IBM side is it's Prague research division.

The program, in which the students work closely with IBM specialists on research projects, started in 2005 and it has been organized twice a year since then. Students are encouraged to work on selected projects. Besides financial awards the students are given a chance to work in close partnership with the experts of the IBM’s Voice Recognition Research Centre in Prague.

The topics for student projects are formulated jointly by CVUT and IBM, mostly in the domain of usability, user interface design and voice technologies field. The majority of the projects are term projects integrated to the standard curriculum courses. Some of the projects are also BSc and MSc project. The projects can be solved individually or in teams. Focus is given to the larger team projects with higher impact.

Management of the projects is done jointly by university staff and IBM mentors. Project results are mostly open source programs published under LGPL licence. Focus is given to documentation of the projects.

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