Chatbot with Talking Head interface that responds to questions about the weather

On the Internet there are different implementations of artificial intelligence, which are capable of conversation with the user in natural language (usually English). Such an implementation is called a "chatbot" One of these chatbot¨ as a free program ALICE (, There are many implementations in different programming languages. Internally, these programs use AIML language with which to describe what ALICE will be able to respond.

Create a simple chat robot in Java or C (using freely available codes) and connect it with existing implementations avatar Talking Head. Talking Head can be controlled through a very simple interface whose implementation is perhaps in Java or C. Implement interface so that the output of your robot will be sent out as an English sentence to the Talking Head, which will be built using Text-To-Speech users to communicate in English. User input will answer questions and write while using a text interface. Prepare such a chatbot, which will respond to questions such as weather, current news, etc. Current information will get from the web.